To Charge or Not To Charge (Free Shipping)

By Jordan Sotto

When a company or website offers the customers free shipping, do the customers actually save money? The answer is no, the customers are not saving money. Free shipping is never really free. Online vendors intentionally raises the base price of the item, factoring in the shipping cost. They do this in an effort to appear cheaper, but in reality they are maximizing their profit margin by charging shipping for each item, which is actually more than they would make if the customers buy multiple items and would get lower a combined shipping cost.

Why do we charge shipping? We charge shipping because we ship Canada-wide, and the shipping costs vary greatly depending on area. The customers in major cities and on service routes are subsidizing some of the outrageously high shipping costs for the customers in remote and less serviced areas. We charge actual wholesale FEDEX and Canada Post shipping rates - we DO NOT add on any handling fees.

In this way, we are able to offer the lowest per-product prices and allow the customer to get lower total combined shipping when they buy multiple items. On larger orders (6 cartons or more) we can contact our rep and work out a further discount on shipping. Please contact us prior to ordering.

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