Fabrics For Theater And TV

By Jordan Sotto

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Requester email: unknown@example.com

Description: 'Fabrics for Theater and TV'

Website address: http://www.nusso.com

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

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Chat transcript:

Customer (10:29:37) Hello, I am a Kids TV Show Producer. When I was on the lookout for fabrics, you were recommended by a friend. As I said, I want to buy fabrics, what kind of fabric do you think guys will be ideal for backdrops, props or costumes?

Sales Desk (10:32:46) Your friend has recommended you to the right place. We have a wide range of products available that suits your kind of function. We have finished goods, tablecloths, blankets under various fabrics.

Customer (10:33:37) Perfect. Our costume design department sews majority of the props and costumes on our set. We were searching for shirting materials in color?

Sales Desk (10:34:20) Sure, sir. We have something which will fit your list of requirements well: Top Quality Broadcloth fabric which is available in a wide color spectrum. I’ll send you few useful links you can access to view our inventory and make a better choice in a minute.

Sales Desk (10:34:22) Some useful links:

Batting for representing snow: Quilt & Craft Batting

Polyester stuffing for costumes:  Polyester Stuffing

Backdrop fabric for props:  Backdrop Fabric

Cheesecloth:  Cheesecloth

Unbleached cotton: Unbleached Cotton Muslin

And colored broadcloth fabric:  Broadcloth
Customer (10:35:20) Got them all, thank you so much. I will visit these sections of your website and update you regarding my order soon.

Sales Desk (10:35:41) Sure, sir. For now, is there anything else that I can help you with?

Customer (10:35:42) I wanted to ask if you offer discounts for registered businesses? A special business offer for bulk orders and all?

Sales Desk (10:36:08) Yes sir, we do. We at Nusso specifically deal with business to business orders and our website represents the same. For large scale orders and wholesale clients, we set prices and offer discounts accordingly. We also have price tiers that give you a discount based on the quantity of your order during a bulk purchase.

Customer (10:39:00) Perfect. I will finalize my order soon. 

Sales Desk (10:40:14) Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.

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