How Much Does Shipping Cost?

By Jordan Sotto

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Description: How Much Does Shipping Cost

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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

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Visitor: (10:12:44)   Hello. I won’t be able to pick one of my orders from your warehouse this week and to overcome this problem, I will be considering the shipping service you offer, how much will it charge for my order? 

Customer Service: (10:13:20) Sure sir. The shipping service that we use isn’t ours but is an independent service offered by FedEx. The delivery shipping charges for orders vary according to the weight of your package and the distance from our warehouse to your doorstep. Where are you located?

Visitor: (10:14:37) Lions Head, Ontario

Customer Service: (10:14:52) Alright. However, to give you an exact amount, I’ll need your full address and postal code.

Visitor: (10:15:09) Postal Code:  ******

Customer Service: (10:15:32) When on our website, after you’ve purchased what you need, go to your shopping cart and you will see a list of the items you have purchased. Around that point, you’ll find a blank space where you’ll be able to enter your postal code. Then select the option, “get a quote” and you’ll see an estimated shipping charge yourself.

 Visitor: (10:15:51) Thank you. I’m going to go ahead and try that for an estimate.

Customer Service: (10:16:06) In the meantime, why don’t you check our page for a sample shipment just so that you can get a general idea of how various components of an invoice are and what shipping charges were levied on your order:

Visitor:  (10:16:30) Sure, I will look into it. My superiors just contacted me. They got to know the estimate for the shipping charges and are now going forward with placing the order. For now though, your shipment quote worked and I will proceed to place my order.

Customer Service: (10:17:30) As you say sir. We will keep your order status and delivery updated on our system and will notify you about the same. Is there anything else that I can help you with?

Visitor: (10:17:39) Thank you so much for your assistance.

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified. 

***** ID blanked out for privacy


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