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Description: ‘Ideal Grade of Cheesecloth for Sewing Cheesecloth Ghost Costumes'

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Visitor (11:45:25) – Hi, I was on the lookout for cheesecloth fabric as I need to prepare some ghost costumes for this Halloween. Apart from cheesecloth, can you tell me about the other fabrics that could be suitable?

Customer Service (11:45:48) – Sure, sir. We at Hometex are one among the few cheesecloth distributors in Canada. Will you be sewing these costumes for Halloween?

Visitor (11:46:10) – Yeah, my team and I at the ***** festive décor suppliers just received a huge order for approximately 150 Halloween ghost costumes. We have limited time and can’t afford poor quality for sewing costumes.

Customer Service – (11:46:23) – For Ghost costumes or costumes in general, I recommend the grade 10 and grade 20 cheesecloth. The fabric is relatively cheaper and is also of good quality.

Visitor (11:46:48) – Great, I will need fabric which will be long enough for around 150 costumes, make that 180 just so we have spare costumes available and deliver the best to our client.

Customer Service – (11:47:03) – I’m sorry sir but the length of fabric needed is entirely dependent on the length of the ghost costumes you will be sewing. You’ll have to maintain an open profile around various sizes. Hence, I recommend you go for a little extra than what you have calculated which sums up to around 5 full bolts of cheesecloth.

Visitor – (11:47:13) – Yeah, I totally understand. I’ll place an order for 5 bolts of cheesecloth fabric of your specified grade. Where do I place my order?

Customer Service – (11:47:21) – You can place the order online. It’s pretty simple; all you have to do is provide your details about both the order and delivery. Once we get your details, we will ensure that your order is dispatched within 24 hours.

Visitor – (11:47:48) – Thank you. I will place the order in another 5 minutes. As we are on a time constraint, I wanted to ask about the speed of your delivery team.

Customer Service – (11:48:03) – Don’t worry about any of that sir. Our distribution chain has been in the business too long for any slip ups. As soon as confirm the order, our team will have your cheesecloth in the final stages of packaging. It will be faster than you expected. Anything else I can help you with, sir?

Visitor – (11:48:14) – Nothing else. Thank you.

Customer Service (11:48:19) - Have a good day, sir.

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