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'Ideal Accessories for a Vintage Rustic Wedding that can be Prepared from Burlap'

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Visitor (11:07:17) – Hi! My team and I have organized this costume party down at our office and we were on the lookout for costumes for the same. The event’s theme is ‘vintage’. Do you have any fabrics which contribute to give a vintage look to any costume? Something which has offers a shade of rich as well as a shade of rustic too.

Customer Service (11:07:39) – Okay, I think Burlap is the right fabric for you as per the requirements. You’re in safe hands as Hometex has a vast distribution chain dedicated to Burlap. We have the fabric in various sizes, so pick one and we can further customize for better quality and precision.

Visitor – (11:07:58) – Great, I’ll be honest with you, this is my first time organizing a costume party and I have an idea of what to order and how to order it. One of my colleagues mentioned that burlap sashes and burlap napkins are ideal for vintage events? Do you have those?

Customer Service – (11:08:21) – Yes we do, sir. If you want to explore our inventory regarding the fabrics we have, Burlap is one of the best. Most of the stuff made from Burlap like placemats, drapes, curtains, table runners, bags, pillows, tablecloths all contribute well to a vintage theme event. We have standard size Burlap rolls available. You can also make burlap pillows, drapes, and curtains which contribute to an authentic look which is a must for indoor parties. On the other hand you can make Burlap table runners, burlap sashes which are essential in outdoor parties.

Visitor – (11:08:56) – These Burlap table runners you mentioned, what sizes do they come in?

Customer Service – (11:09:11) – We have a vast size spectrum that you can choose from. For the table runners especially we have all the sizes between the smallest 14” x 90” up to the largest 14” x 336”.

Visitor – (11:09:34) – For the event we were planning to have two tables lined up adjacent to each other. I think its better I place an order for the longest size of table runner just so that the entire length of both the tables is covered. We’ll have around 50 chairs in the event, so 50 Burlap sashes will be enough.

Customer Service – (11:10:05) – Sir, the burlap sashes you mentioned come in two varieties, finished and unfinished. Which one would you prefer?

Visitor – (11:10:23) – The finished sashes would be better. I don’t know about the chair’s dimensions though. Do you have a general size that fits all?

Customer Service – (11:10:47) – I’m sorry sir but I do not have any information regarding the sizing of the sashes. You can discuss with your team regarding this issue and update us later with the same, so that we can move ahead with the order? In general, I’ll like to tell you that the sizes we have in our inventory vary from a smallest of 4” x 80” to a largest of 9” x 108”.

Visitor – (11:11:23) – Alright, I have what I need. I’ll check in with my colleagues and gather further information regarding the sizes and update you soon. Can the order be placed online?

Customer Service – (11:11:49) – Yes sir, you can do that.

Visitor – (11:11:54) – Great! Thank you for everything!

Customer Service – (11:12:07) – Just doing my job. Have a nice day ahead, sir.

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