Burlap Accessories For Rustic Weddings

By Jordan Sotto

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Description: 'All Accessories of Burlap for a Rustic Wedding Event'

Website address: http://hometex.ca/fabric-products/burlap

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

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Visitor (1:42:17) – Hello, there! I am representing my client who is interested in organizing a rustic wedding event. For the same we require a specific fabric, known as Burlap. We would like to order on a large scale, more specifically, a few bundles of full length Burlap rolls which is crucial for décor for the event.

Customer Service (1:42:59) –Burlap has always been one of our favorite fabrics that we offer. Not only is it of the highest quality but also comes in several variations. For example, we offer several sizes purely based on the fabric’s width. Our size range starts from 1.15 inches and ends at 72 inches.

Visitor – (1:43:29) – The full length burlap roll is suitable for my needs and is one of my interests. I would like to order it.

Customer service – (1:43:57) – The standard size/universal size for burlap fabric is approximately 100 yards.

Visitor (1:44:10) Nice, if that is the case, I will order 2 full length rolls of 72 inches and a single roll from the 60, 40, 20, and 12 width as the price increases when the quantity is low.

Customer service– (1:44:37) –Sure, sir! I will note your tentative order for now and after you give us a confirmatory call, we will move ahead with your order and will help you with further documentation to minimize discrepancies in the order and ultimately avoid problems.

Visitor (1:44:54) – Give me a minute. I’ll be writing it down too. This way I can submit the order to his friends directly and follow up on the same. I’m caught up with something else at the moment; do I have to place the order now?

Customer service (1:45:19) – No. You can place the order online wherein we let you explore our inventory and size ranges separately. If you give us a confirmatory call after a minimal time, it will be dispatched for shipping under 24 hours of confirmation.

Visitor – (1:45:43) – Will this be a time-saving process? Or do we have to wait for longer?

Customer service– (1:44:52) – It is time-efficient and non-cumbersome. Apart from that, anything else that I could help you with? For rustic themed weddings, it is recommended you have Burlap ribbons, which are extremely useful for tying other stuff but also for decoration and all.

Visitor – (1:45:43) – Amazing! I will book the order as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.

Customer service– (1:46:07) – Any queries please do let us know. Have a nice day ahead.

To protect the privacy of our clients, certain details have been modified.

***** ID blanked out for privacy


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