Cheesecloth for Costumes

By Jordan Sotto

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Visitor:(15:12:34 PM) - Hello. My name is Alyssa; I’m a representative of Clock Events Co. The season of Halloween and Halloween parties is coming up soon. During this season, the fabric cheesecloth would be in heavy demand for the costume setups.  Can you help me out with the order?

Customer service: (15:12:55 PM) - Sure, sir. What kind of cheesecloth do you prefer? When it comes to Grades, we have the largest range available, which extends from Grade 10 to 90.

Visitor:(15:13:14 PM) - Can you help me with that? Which one among all is relatively less expensive?

Customer service: (15:13:28 PM) - Among all the grades available, Grade 10 – Grade 30 are the ones who’s cost is comparatively less.

 Visitor:(15:13:34 PM) - Okay. I’ll order all three of them so as to keep things different and unique. I’ll be ordering in bulk, will that qualify for a discount?  Can you also provide more details regarding shipping?

Customer service: (15:13:54 PM) - After adding as much as cheesecloth required by you into your shopping cart, contact us and we’ll give you a discount depending on the amount ordered. Shipping charges are independent of all this and are levied separately.

Visitor:(15:14:05 PM) - Okay, Thank you. I’ll get back to you soon.

Customer service: (15:14:14 PM) - You’re welcome, sir. We’re glad to help. Have a nice day.

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