Burlap—The 8th Wonder Of The World

By Jordan Sotto

Burlap fabric is a multipurpose tool. The title of this blog is apt for the kind of fabric it is and how it contributes to the various aspects of life. Burlap is manufactured from commonly available fibers, just like cotton, but has better flexibility and reliability when compared to the latter. Burlap fabric is known to have a rustic texture to it, which is recommended for nostalgic events.

The most popular event that showcases rustic burlap is weddings. Modern weddings designed with burlap seem to very vogue these days as more brides are looking for new chic styles. One such style involves incorporating burlap rolls to make tablecloths, which can lead to a unique and mesmerizing evening. However, burlap’s potential as a fabric isn’t just limited to event planning. It is also used as a binding material for construction, specifically the part where concrete is laid during the curing process. This is because of the natural texture of the fabric, which makes it effective for the job.

Apart from that, burlap also finds great utility in gardening. If you lay an adequate amount of burlap around shrubs, bushes, trees, and plants you can avoid the problem faced in winterizing plants. It offers the roots protection against detritivores and other forces of nature. For these reasons, most of the gardeners prefer to incorporate burlap in their gardens.

Considering the vast spectrum of benefits of the fabric, it is human nature to assume it must be extremely expensive. On the contrary, burlap is an extremely cost-effective fabric material and with the various discounts available on Hometex, burlap is a sweet deal for the quality of the fabric. There is a significant difference between the cost of traditional cotton products and burlap products. The difference in the price in numbers is around $95 per meter! Being an exquisite fabric, it is rare to find burlap in local stores. However, Hometex is your one-stop exclusive shop for burlap fabrics of all shapes and sizes. Apart from burlap, there are other related products and accessories for your home sweet home.


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