Burlap - The 8th Wonder of the World

By Jordan Sotto

Burlap is a very interesting material. Not only is it made from a natural product (cotton), but it is extremely durable and versatile. Burlap fabric has a very rustic look to it, making it an ideal base for many rustic, farm-style events. It was quite surprising to us just how popular rustic weddings have become, they seem to be quite in vogue these days. Brides looking to celebrate their wedding in a new chic style can use burlap rolls to make tablecloths to truly create a unique, memorable evening.

Burlap’s use extends far beyond the realm of simple event planning. It is a commonly used material for construction, specifically the laying of concrete as part of the curing process. The natural texture comes in handy and is quite effective for the job. In addition to construction, it is also quite useful for gardening. Laying a good amount of burlap around trees, shrubs, bushes and plants can be vital in winterizing plants. It protects the roots from scavengers, extreme cold and other dangers during the winter. Many large gardening contractors rely on burlap as an essential tool for their gardening needs.

Aside from its tremendous versatility, it also is an extremely cost-effective material. Unlike other cotton products which can sometimes cost above $100/mtr, burlap prices are generally kept below the $5/meter range even for the wider widths such as the 60″ wide. Strangely, it is sometimes difficult to find burlap fabric, even at the local hardware store. This leads to may customers thanking us for being so findable on the internet. We try to inform our customers as much as possible on this blog about all the ancillary details about all of our products. In case you didn’t know all the many uses listed above, your appreciation for the simple fabric will be suitably increased.

Next week we will be posting an article on another very versatile product: cheesecloth, used for arts, wine making and industrial cleaning. Is it more versatile than burlap, its cotton cousin? Find out next week…


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