How to Clean & Care for a Down Duvet

By Jordan Sotto

Follow the step by step guide below to insure that your investment stays clean and in good condition.


Before using your new down duvet, open the package and fluff out the
duvet. Check for leaking down.  In the unlikely event that
your duvet is defective, please repackage in original bag
immediately and notify HomeTex.Ca


Always use a Duvet Cover.
The duvet cover is an important part of caring for your duvet. Duvet
covers protect your duvet form rips, dirt, dust and body oil.

Spot Clean Only

Duvets are bulky, and you don’t want to machine wash them often.
What you can do is spot clean them by shaking the down away from the
spot you want to clean, and then washing the dirt off with mild soap
and water. Dry thoroughly before fluffing the down properly in place

& Fluff

Fluffing distributes the down evenly inside your duvet which avoids
clumping. It’s better to not allow any clumps to form than having to
worry about taking care of them later.

Air out

Air out your comforter occasionally to keep it
fresh. Hang it on a clothesline or shake it out outdoors.


Rotate your duvet top to bottom/bottom to top every few weeks to
keep from always having the same boxes at the top where more wear
will occur and to ensure even distribution of the down.


1) Do not lie on top of the comforter
2) Do not wash duvet with detergent
3) Do not store in plastic

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