The title of this blog might have puzzled you as the words ‘diaper’ and ‘jewelry’ don’t integrate well with each other. More than the diapers, more emphasis is laid on the fabric involved, Cotton Flannel. It is one of those ideal materials, which can be used to clean high-quality gold and silver.

As it is a cloth suitable for diapers, it has a soft texture to it and works well with any cleaner or vinegar. 100% cotton flannel is extremely efficient in not only cleaning your gold and silver possessions and jewelry but also removes the rugged tarnish off without even a scratch.

The flannelette material, which is also incorporated in diapers, will work wonders on your silver jewelry. This is because of the absorbent nature of soft cloth diapers. Moreover, it doesn’t tear, or fall apart, and is machine washable, which makes them useful and long lasting. When cleaning your silverware using the 100% cotton flannel cloth diaper, focus more on surfaces and Q-tips in carved areas and crevices. The cloth diaper can work well with any cleaning detergent or vinegar for the areas, which are firm and hard to clean.

We, at Hometex, have been cutting and sewing cloth diapers made from 100% cotton flannelette for the past decade or so. Although most of our customers are parents who are on the lookout for ideal diapers for their child, around 30% of our cloth diaper stock sold is employed as cleaning cloths for jewelry cleaning. We retail them to goldsmiths, silversmiths, and gift or souvenir shops who deal with a lot of gold and silver items. This is a good example of how creative our customers can get with regular stuff like diapers.


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