The modern world we live in is very competitive. This leads to elevated levels of stress in the population. If you have experienced the wrath of stress, you would know that taking refuge in a peaceful place on a weekend after a long stressful week at work is extremely peaceful. Nothing is as relaxing as a boat ride in a lake. That is the main reason why people consider that owning a lakefront property is worth every single penny of your investment. As most people visit their lake front properties for the purpose of recreation and relaxation, the maintenance of the lake is of top priority. One of the major problems that harm lakes are weeds. This is where burlap fabrics come into the equation.

Burlap is a cheap solution for a harmful problem. The lake properties, however, are far from cheap, as they require large capital and investment. You do not want harmful weeds pollute your property and ruin your holiday in the worst way possible. Even a handful of weeds can have negative effects on your lake front property. A lake with a high concentration of weeds leads to a rapid fall in the commercial values of the properties in the vicinity.

The incorporation of burlap is a simple cost-effective solution that involves a mere widely available ordinary material. You can deposit the burlap fabric at the lake’s shoal and shoreline, which will keep the surrounding areas free from milfoil and other types of weeds. This phenomenon occurs as you cover the lake's bottom with burlap fabric, which inhibits weeds from getting any sunlight which is essential for their survival.

Burlap fabric utilized for this practice is an effective material in restricting weed growth in lakes. We, at Hometex, are proud to be the sole Canadian company to do both manufacture and sell burlap. We offer various sizes and shapes with up to 60” (five feet) burlap roll (33 meters long), all of them are available at discounted rates. The size mentioned should be enough for ensuring the safety of the lake.

What’s amusing is that the various burlap tablecloths, burlap table runners, burlap napkins and burlap bags that you would find in a wedding or on the street can all be used as burlap for weed control. There is no specific type of burlap available for weed control.

If you think the quality and the price didn’t impress you, burlap’s user-friendly nature sure will. Installing it is very easy as all you have to do is cut the fabric as you desire, simply place it over the area of your interest to prevent lake weeds and hook them to burlap bags filled with rocks which act as anchors. You have to follow only a few steps to ensure that you get rid of those weeds. A minimum of three rounds of burlap fabric is recommended in such a way that the weeds receive no sunlight and it is completely blocked by the fabric. If you’re bothered about the environment, don’t be, as burlap is an environmentally friendly product.


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