It is often noticed that the searching for the ideal quilt batting is tiring and too cumbersome. At times, it is also inconclusive. We, at HomeTex, felt it was necessary to make our contribution here and so we did. We provide a vast range of all sizes that will help you in the battle of finding the perfect quilt, which makes it incredibly easy to choose as per your needs. As indicated in the title of the blog, we take pride in offering a wide spectrum of quilt batting options that you can pick be it a Queen Quilt, a King Quilt or simply craft batting.

When it comes to the type of fabric, you can pick from cotton or polyester batting for the quilt. Both the materials are capable of offering their own unique set of advantages be it the lightness of the batting or the warmth. At HomeTex, we prefer manufacturing batting which is well balanced with respect to weight and is designed from non recycled polyester fibers.

Why Quilts? If that is the question in your head right now, do know that quilt batting has an ability to provide warmth all throughout the inside of the quilt. This makes them favorites for any month of the year. Apart from that quilts have great aesthetic value and preferred by most people because of their soft texture and the hygienic feel they give on touch. When incorporated in any room, you will feel the true essence of being at home. They can also make your mornings brighter which will energize your whole body with the vibrant colors they are available in.

Most of our customers at Hometex who have purchased quilt batting have reported positive feedback regarding the consistency of texture and the lightness of the batting. Even after several months of use, the batting did not develop any holes or soreness.


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