Festival Of Banners And Broadcloth Fabrics

By Jordan Sotto

If you’re reading this blog, you are probably wondering about the title. You might associate well with broadcloth fabrics as they have been around for several years. However, the ‘festival of banners’ might leave you puzzled. If you haven’t heard about the festival of banners, you probably aren’t too drawn to the beauty of arts and cultures.
The principle of the event is just like any other cultural festival, to shine light upon amateur and youth art. The youth art, which is on display on this festival, is banners.

People purchase their own fabric and paint their banners on it, which represent their personal views. The banners are then displayed for the public to see. Almost every town conducts events like these in order to promote the feeling of community among people of small towns. After all, communities and small towns lay the foundation for a country’s development.

How significant is this festival to Hometex? Well, we serve as fabric suppliers for these different and unique events or festivals. Fabrics find great utility especially in the festival of banners. Burlap, which is exclusively available on Hometex, is being incorporated in several weddings to give them a rustic feel and make them look elegant. Fabrics like the backdrop fabric are utilized as banners in the rallies of the festival. Even fabrics like the broadcloth fabric have been employed to design flags as the rich color spectrum they offer is extremely useful. With the festival of banners around, the sales of broadcloth fabric have doubled up. Fabric for banners is a new area of growth for Hometex as a simple cloth like broadcloth which has been around for nearly 60 years suddenly sprung into sales.

It's events like the Festival of Banners, which allow a town’s population to showcase their true talent by promoting art, culture and community without having to spend heavily on capital. For example, making a banner is as simple as purchasing basic painting materials and high-quality white broadcloth to make attractive and bright banners. Broadcloth is a densely woven fabric that is both firm and soft. It has an even texture to it making it ideal for banners or posters. It offers you the best of both worlds as it is a comparatively cheaper fabric and also does not compromise on the quality and other properties of the fabric. It is also an environmentally friendly product. You can even consider wider backdrop fabric for larger banners.

We, at Hometex, double our stock whenever we’re notified about an approaching cultural festival. Apart from that, we are constantly trying to provide other related products, which are of utility in the festival at affordable prices. Moreover, we provide our dedicated customers with discounts and coupon codes.


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