How To Clean And Care For A Down Duvet

By Jordan Sotto

This blog is a Hometex exclusive guide for cleaning and caring for your down duvet. Follow these guidelines and your down duvet pillow will feel and look brand new.

Inspect Duvet

As you receive your down duvet pillow, consider verifying the package. Check for leakage. In the case where your duvet is defective and leaking, please repack in original bag and notify Hometex immediately.

Duvet Cover

Duvet cover is an important part of your duvet care kit. The duvet should be packed in a cover, which is essential for the duvet‘s protection against dirt, dust and body oil.

Spot Clean Only

As duvets are plump, don’t wash them in washing machine often. Use soap and water to clean them. It’s simple; all you have to do is shake the spot of your interest by washing the dirt off with a solution of mild soap and water. Allow the down to dry completely.

Shake and Fluff

If done on a regular basis, it will not allow any clumps to form inside your duvet. Fluffing inside your duvet is essential as it distributes the area evenly and prevents any permanent clumping from occurring.

Air out

Doing this on a regular basis will keep your comforter clean and fresh apart from removing the air accumulated inside. You can do this by hanging it on a clothesline or shake it outdoors.

Rotate your duvet top to bottom and vice-versa regularly. This will restrict any monotony noticed in patterns while ensuring that the down is evenly distributed.


Do not sleep on the comforter. Try not to use any detergents while washing your duvet. Avoid storing your duvet in plastic bags.


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