How To Store Down Duvets

By Jordan Sotto

We, at Hometex, don’t believe in bragging but just this once we are proud to announce that we have been getting positive feedback from our satisfied duvet customers consistently. They appreciate the quality of the duvet pillows they purchased and want to know how to store our down duvets.

There’s a saying at Hometex, “Duvets get better with age”. This means that their maintenance and storage is a primary concern. If you’re looking to store your duvets for the winter season, you might want to know about how to maintain them in proper condition effectively for all seasons.

Firstly, you should fluff your down duvet regularly. Dry it out on sunny days to ensure that the water content is reduced to a minimum. Use a duvet cover as it protects the pillow from tears and oils.

As far as storage is concerned, you can utilize the bags we ship them in for prolonged storage. The zippered storage bags are ideal for storing these pillows as they are manufactured from white breathable fabric, which is a specific pillow storage fabric. Moreover, these bags allow the adequate air for the duvet to breathe while under storage. In the scenario where you have lost our storage bag, you can alternatively store it by wrapping it in sheets, a pillowcase, or even a camp bag with drawstrings. However, you must avoid storing the pillow in plastic wrap, bag or anything plastic.
With respect to storage location, keep the duvet in a dry area free from moisture. Prior to storage, give the pillow a firm shake in order to remove any clumsiness it might have experienced from the humidity.

When you take it out of storage, try to do it on a sunny day just so that you can remove any moisture from it after shaking it firmly.


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