Letter from a Customer (Bandanas)

By Jordan Sotto

Hi there!

I wanted to let you know how successful the bandana-identification was at our Gray family reunion in Three Hills, Alberta this past weekend. We had each of our 8 family groups select a colour and each member of the family was given a bandana of their group's colour (green, orange, purple, royal blue, pink, grey and white). The bandanas were worn in a variety of ways - headbands, headscarves, neckerchieves,  in ponytails, around wrists and ankles or simply tied to a belt loop or hanging out of a pocket. Prior to the reunion, my cousin's wife, Janice, made a beautiful quilt representing our family, our diverse Canadian heritage and, of course, Canada's 150th birthday.

You can see some of the bandanas in the group photo but many are not visible and, as the photo was taken on day 3 of the reunion, some people left them off. I am in the center, proudly wearing my orange bandana!

Thank you for helping us to colourfully and inexpensively identify our family members at "Grayfest 2017"!

Sandi Bezanson-Chan
Richmond, BC

*Expressed permission was given by Sandi to share all details, including names.

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