Pink Bandanas: Anti-Bullying Initiative

By Jordan Sotto
Our company takes pride in being able to support the causes that we believe in. Bullying can be a major problem in today’s society. Whether it occurs in schools, in the workplace or online, bullying should not be tolerated. Recently, The Globe and Mail newspaper did a story about the two boys who came up with the #PinkShirtDay anti-bullying initiative. According to the newspaper, the boys noticed that their classmate was bullied simply for wearing a pink shirt to school. After school, the boys bought 50 pink tanktops. The next day they distributed them to their classmates in order to show solidarity and stand up against bullying. The campaign was a major success, and it has led to other schools and even some businesses and organizations adopting it across North America.


Although the pink shirt idea was brilliant, the drawback is that everybody has to wear a pink shirt all day without being able to take it off. Instead of pink shirts, schools and organizations recently have opted to go with paisley patterned or solid pink bandanas instead. We are proud to offer our support to this cause.

We stock plenty of pink paisley and solid color bandanas and we are pleased to offer a discount for schools that order these bandanas for pink shirt day (please contact us with your information). Check out for this year’s Pink Shirt Anti Bullying day.


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